VI Sail the way crossing

Women and the sea

From Northmarinas we want to dedicate the VI Sail the Way Crossing to the women of the sea.

Within the Xacobeo Year 2021, our objective is to make visible the contribution of women to the development of the maritime sector and thus promote among young people the wide variety of vocations related to the Sea, making known the opportunities for employment, leisure and development that the sector offers, banishing gender stereotypes.

4 to 19 June 2021

Hondarribia / Santiago de Compostela

Conveying our passion for the marine environment

Promoting equal opportunities in access to the maritime sector

Encouraging the blue economy development and women

Fostering the employment and training opportunities and resources

Encouraging sea-related vocations

Boosting the generational handover

At the helm: Ángela Pumariega

At the helm: Ángela Pumariega

London 2012 Olympic champion

And the crew

Formed by professionals from the fields of sport, education, science, coaching and communication who, at each stage of the Camino, will welcome on board different professionals from the maritime sector, favouring synergies and interdisciplinary projects on the road to equality.

Sail the Way is an initiative of North Marinas, association of nautical companies of northern Spain.

Instituto Marítimo Español
Instituto Marítimo Español
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Instituto Marítimo Español
Instituto Marítimo Español

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